We have plenty of experience in printing through which gain several big clients in the market. Equipped with modern technologies in the value added services like, logo creation, 3D effects, color enhancements, designing letterheads, flyers, advertisement, greeting cards, banners and posters for special occasions, etc.,. Skilled in printing on labels, stickers, security labels, PE bags, woods, engraves etc. Specialized in providing services on Offset printing, 3D printing, Gravure, Flexography, Screen-printing, Intaglio, Thermal printing and Gang run printing etc.,..

  • Digital printing, using technologies -blueprint, daisy wheel, dot-matrix, line printing, heat transfer , inkjet – including bubble-jet, electro photography , laser and solid ink printer.

  • Flexography, used for packaging, labels, newspapers

  • Dye-sublimation printer

  • Inkjet, used typically to print a small number of books or packaging, and also to print a variety of materials: from high quality papers simulating offset printing, to floor tiles. Inkjet is also used to apply mailing addresses to direct mail pieces

  • Laser printing (toner printing) mainly used in offices and for transactional printing (bills, bank documents). Laser printing is commonly used by direct mail companies to create variable data letters or coupons.

  • Pad printing, popular for its unusual ability to print on complex three-dimensional surfaces

  • Relief print, mainly used for catalogues

  • Screen-printing for a variety of applications ranging from T-shirts to floor tiles, and on uneven surfaces

  • Intaglio, used mainly for high value documents such as currencies.

  • Thermal printing, popular in the 1990s for fax printing. Used today for printing labels such as airline baggage tags and individual price labels in supermarket deli counters.